Dedicated to the writings of J.G. Vos

Byron Curtis on J.G. Vos
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Geneva College

Clear yet deep Bible teaching was J. G. Vos’ craft. His passion was helping people understand the fullness of Jesus Christ and what He has done for the world. Whether Vos was on the mission field in China, in the pulpit in Kansas, or behind the lectern at Geneva College, he strove to help his audience understand what God has revealed about Himself in Scripture.

With this passion and his years of dedicated study, Vos singlehandedly produced a theological journal for over 30 years called the Blue Banner Faith and Life, which contains a wealth of Bible lessons. This site aspires to make that information more accessible, so that another generation can benefit from his research and teaching.

Romans is accessible to all students of the Bible, because it was written with a pastor's heart. Vos, son of Princeton theologian Geerhardus Vos, had a reputation for being able to take the complex and explain it in a plain fashion. Because of his simple but powerful exegesis, Vos earned the reputation of "The People's Theologian."