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Johannes G. Vos developed these studies in Genesis during his pastorate in a Kansas farming community. Later, they were published in his theological journal Blue Banner Faith and Life. For the first time, these articles, which originally appeared over a period of three years, have been collected and published as a single volume. Crown & Covenant, paper, 560 pp.

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Covenant of Grace

Thirty-five lessons on the covenant of grace and its implications. Vos explores every aspect of life-including holiness, families, education, vocation, and church ordinances and membership—from a covenant perspective. Excellent introduction to covenant theology. For individual or group study. Spiral, 97 pp.


Old Testament History

Explores the chronology and the doctrines behind the history of the Old Testament. Based on the introductory Bible course Dr. Vos taught at Geneva College. Suitable for high school through adult study classes. Charts, maps, and study questions included. 53 lessons, paper, 148 pp.


The Westminster Larger Catechism: A Commentary

The Larger Catechism, so rich in biblical teaching, has been a long-neglected resource. This commentary, written in the mid-twentieth century, provides clear, contemporary exposition. Paper, 615 pp.


The Scottish Covenanters

Most complete contemporary overview of Covenanter history. Concisely covers the important personalities, events, and issues necessary for understanding the importance and place of the Covenanters in the history of the church. Paper, 231 pp. (Blue Banner Productions)


Christ and His Kingdom

Systematic, 28-lesson study explaining the principle teachings of Jesus Christ. Spiral, 61 pp.

Hebrews: Search the Scripture Series

Includes outline and exposition of text. 21 lessons. Spiral, 51 pp. (Crown & Covenant)

Ephesians: Search the Scripture Series

Thirty-three lessons provide questions for study and discussion for adult Bible study. Spiral, 81 pp. (Crown & Covenant)

Philippians: Search the Scripture Series

Thirteen lessons, discussion questions, special research assignments. Spiral, 35 pp. (Crown & Covenant)


For the first time, these articles from his theological journal Blue Banner Faith and Life, which originally appeared over a period of several years, first in the ’50s and again in the ’70s, have been collected and published as a single volume.104 lessons with review questions. Paper, 360 pp. (Crown & Covenant)